some questions about the deffesne+

hii im using the CIS for quite sometime and today i started to dig a little depper into the
software and i found some stuff that i dont fully understand and i was hoping u will be able to answer my questions…
1.i hard about this before when i asked for help with CIS

but i dont understand what its do.

so can u plz tell me whats the “sandbox” for?

2.when i enetered to the “computer secuirity policy” i saww those two tabs

one is “blocked software”

the scond is “defense+ rules” and i wonder

asuumin that im blocking some apllication in “defense rules”

instead of in “blocked files” what siffrense does it make?

and what is the “defense+rules” any way?

Hey and warm welcome to comodo forums Hunter!

applications that are sandboxed means that these applications are isolated from the OS environment. application that are under Blocked software means that CIS won’t allow the application to run. in defense+ rules you can add what program you want to trust.

for more info click here

Valentin N

wait a sec.

lets just say that i will block an apllication with “desfense+ rules”

what effect its gonna make when i will try to run the apllication

and from u saying about sandbox

its sounds the same as putting files in quarantine,using the antivirus.

whats the difference?

don’t confuse CAV (comodo antivirus) with d+ (defense+). Have you looked at the link I gave you?

If something is quarantine something you won’t see that file anymore.

if you add something in defense+ rules to block a application the application will be blocked.

if you want to experiement I suggest you download Wmware media player. Make sure that you have 3GB or more and multicore cpu.

Valentin N