Some Questions About Settings

Yesterday I installed version (a clean install) and there are some things I’m unsure and confused about, any help would be great, thank you!

1) Network Security Policy - Global Rules

In the last version there was only global rule set by default when I used the Stealth Port Wizard using the Block all incoming connections option (Block And Log IP In From IP Any To IP Any Where Protocol Is Any).

I’ve noticed that now with the new version there are 4 global rules set by default by using that option, are they all needed by me?

2) Network Security Policy - Application Rules

Can some check my application rules to make sure that they are ok or if they need any changes?, as I’ve noticed some default rules may have been removed in the new version.

3) Attack Detection Settings

I’ve noticed with the new version that none of the options in the Miscellaneous are checked, whereas in previous versions I’m pretty sure that at least one was, should any be checked?