Some programs are not blocked

For the experiment I tried to block the network activity of the program Akelpad
No no, I have nothing against akelpad-just for the sake of experiment done. Unfortunately Akelpad was able to go online when I clicked the Search for Updates button and suggested to install the update.
To compare USB Disk Security-Could not find the updates after the lock. I intentionally blocked the network output for USB Disk Security because it is a promo version: No need to update-lose license

And the question is: So what’s wrong with Akelpad?
Some programs are not blocked ?

Hee-e-e-e-e-lp :slight_smile:

You are not blocking the correct application that does the updating, you need to open view connection task to see what application is using the network when you run the update check.

Thank FutureTech
You were right-for an update there is an additional program called Akelupdater. exe