Some problems

  1. I use Comodo in the process, the virus can not be found by users of their choice approach I use is 1.1BETA.
  2. Here I found :C:\Program Files\Comodo\common----------- CAVASpy, but do not know how to use software which is integrated into a antivirus software??
  3. I hope the chs version would be released

4.when the latest version released?

Thank you !
Ps:my English is not so good~~~~~~ :‘( :’( :cry:

  1. You mean, you prepare some viruses by yourself for virus scan test? If so, how about submitting suspected files to Comodo? That will increase CAV detecting rates.
  2. I think it is integrated into CAV, perhaps.
  3. Sorry, I don’t know the “chs”. What is the “chs”?
  4. Maybe, soon. That is written in “About Comodo 2.0 version” in CAV forums.

Ps: Me too.


Sorry but I will try and reply in the best I can.

Please submit any malware samples to in a password protected .zip file. Or you can give me all the details by replying to the e-mail I have sent you and I will find a way to get the file to Comodo if you cannot for any reason. Next when scanning in the current Beta version of Comodo Antivirus, you cannot choose to scan for just spyware or viruses. It scans for both, also the Spyware detection is not the greatest yet, so Comodo can’t replace all of your spyware protection (yet), I hope this answered some questions.