Some problems under Miscellaneous tab

There are some problems and possible bugs in CIS under Miscellaneous:

  1. When I click on Diagnostics, it says “The diagnostics utility has found some problems with your installation.” When I click Yes, the popup message says that it has fixed all the problems and that I may need to restart the PC. And so I did. Well, I click on Diagnostics again, and this same message appears. So what exactly are the problems that the utility find and does it actually fix it?

  2. Under Settings, I check box [X]“Automatically start the application with Windows (Recommended)”, and OK. When I go back in, this check mark disappears. Basically, I have to restart CIS manually whenever I reboot. The only application that I find running under Task Manager is cmdagent.exe. What does this cmdagent.exe do?

3. How can I find out what application is invoking svchost.exe? I have quite a few of these running and don’t know if they are really trusted.

  1. What does it mean by “Limited application”?

  2. Can firefox browser be considered “Trusted application”?

  1. (I have no idea, sorry)

  2. (Again, I don’t really have any idea what cmdagent does, but I know it’s part of CIS. I do know, however, that you can verify the proper startup arguments for CIS by running msconfig and looking at the Startup tab. There should be an entry for cfp.exe wherever you installed it, and it may or may not have the -h parameter telling it to start up minimized)

  3. Sysinternals Process Explorer. Runs on both 32bit and 64bit versions of XP and Vista, and gives you a nice little hierarchy/tree layout of processes and their parents. Can also double as a replacement for task manager.

  4. You can see exactly what the Limited Application profile does like so: Load up the CIS application, click the Defense+ button, click on Predefined Security Policies, then doubleclick on Limited Application. From there, like any other D+ rules, you can click on Access Rights or Protection Settings to get a good look at the specifics.

  5. If you got it directly from the Mozilla website, I would say yes. It’ll still ask you if you want it to launch other applications, and it doesn’t suffer from supporting ActiveX (Unless you somehow get an addon for that), so I wouldn’t worry.

Thx for the quick response.

Q1 & 2 are resolved by not running Ad-watch SE Professional. I didn’t realize it was blocking some processes and locking startup registries from being added and deleted. False alarm, sorry about that.

  1. I have this utility and didn’t think about it. Thanks for reminding me.

There are many options and tweaks in CIS that I still don’t know what to do with it. I guess I just leave it running at default settings, hopefully this is secure enough?

Would this CIS interfere with Spywareblaster, Spybot Search & Destroy and Threatfire running at the same time or these apps are just overkill?

Overall, CIS doesn’t take up much memory, which is a PLUS, and does not slow my system down when running other intensive CPU application. (R)