Some problems after upgrading to version 4.1.150349.920

Hi all!
I’ve just updated COMODO Firewall to version 4.1.150349.920 in Windows 7 Ultimate, and I want to signal some annoying problems:

  1. The automatic updated from the previous version always failed, I mean the updater icon popped out always in the taskbar, and did nothing, it was not possible to close it, and when pushing the “click for updates” inside COMODO main window, it simply said something like “the update is already in progress”
  2. Some of the rules that I had in the previous version were erased during the installation of this version… So I’ve been asked again for rules of some programs, but not for all!
  3. A very annoying problem with creating the rules for Google Screensaver makes the screen black, without the possibility to go back to the desktop (even pushing CTRL+ALT+DEL) … the only solution is to push the reset button!! Of course the solution was to manually add google screensaver program as a trusted one in the list … but it was frustrating until I understood that COMODO was the cause!
  4. Some sort of crashes happen from time to time, the mouse is not blocked but all windows are, even CTRL+ALT+DEL can’t help… again only resetting the computer works :frowning:
    Unluckily I could not find the cause yet :frowning: I’ll let You informed whether I manage!
    Best regards!

I’ve been having the black screen described above too and a similar frozen screen problem with windows 7 home premium and cis 4.1.150349.920 unless i set apps as trusted. ctrl-alt-del doesn’t work and have to do a hard reset.

Happened once with a video game and twice with the KMPlayer media player. Went back to 4.0.141842.828 and everthing is well again.

Salut :slight_smile:

Same behaviour 1) shown here as well on Windows XP SP3 as stefboombastic described above. .

Besides, when clicking More >> About, i do not get that About-window closed until i close Comodo Internet Security - CIS completely and restart it.

By the way, entries into the Sandbox do not always remain there: sometimes i do have to save the same entry for the same application, as i’m asked again for the same one.

And it happened already two times that the firewall had closed whereas closing it is protected by a password.

After some tests I figured out that the freezes, in my case, were caused by COMODO interacting with Media Player Classic. Setting this application as “trusted” in COMODO solved the problem!
I think new version of COMODO fails to handle applications that require video privileges, such as Screen Savers, or DirectShow, DirectX applications, video games… for them there is no firewall popup showed, and the applications stay freezed waiting, blocked by the firewall!
I noticed that for some application (i.e. Google Screensaver) it is not enough to set them as “trusted”, but I have to set them up as “windows system application”, otherwise, whenever they need to open another process they freeze!
Hope this helps!