Some practice results of CIS

Hi everyone,

I just wanted to add some results and experiences I have made during the past months.

I have had a lot of customers that had been threatened by infections. All of the systems did run the common AV like Avira, Norton and so on. None of them had been protected.

I am currently using two applications for my customers, one being CIS, the other Agnitum Outpost 7.5.2, depending on the skill level of the customers (Outpost GUI is a bit more streamlined and a lot easier to manage the blocked and allowed applications). Also Outpost runs fine on Server 2008 R2, whereas that system is not listed under CIS system requirements.

I can, from experience, tell, that CIS and Outpost are the only two applications, that I feel are able to provide a really high level of protection.

Several infections came via mail attachments, and after a clean installation of the machines and installing either CIS or Outpost, both managed to protect the system afterwards, after trying to open the attachment once again.

So I have a good feeling about both, CIS and Outpost, due to my own experiences.

For CIS 6, I would wish for CIS to include the same incredible Ad-Blocking-System that Outpost already has. It is really wonderful to be able to use whatever browser, without first having to check whether an adblock+ or something similar is available. That could also increase security again a bit, I guess, to be able to blacklist ad servers and other malicious sites directly in the Security Application.

However, thumbs up for CIS and keep up the good work!

You are hitting the nail on the head here…

make it to where you can import the list that adblock+ uses and able to block ads in visa

I personally feel this is the domain of the web browser.

+1 Firefox, C Dragon, IE, etc., has “AdBlocker Plus” to handle this particular occurrence. No need to “bloat” a GREAT security program.