Some possible issues of tomorrow pertaining to internet security.

  1. The increasing reliance on web os as a substitute for traditional individual computer os . Companies like comodo will have to be there to meet the new challenge and secure this new environment.

  2. The power of advertising of me-too companies .These companies aim only at distributing bad security products and flooding the market.

(i) Type one:Companies investing huge sums in advertising to convince consumers to use their security solutions which do not meet the industry’s average standards.

(ii)Type two:companies producing malwares and marketing them as security solutions .

In fact , today’s fake antivirus have detrimentally affected 30 millions users according to pandalabs and this is only the tip of the iceberg .These phenomena can be expected to escalate alarmingly in the future. The hurdle there is twofold,not only do respectable companies have to build up excellent products to keep the pace with the fast changing technology but also ensure that potential customers know that they are the best at what they are doing and this is quite difficult in a virtual world where information can be easily perverted !

ps : all viewpoints and comments are welcomed :slight_smile: