Some ports open


I did a port scan on my computer recently on all ports;
all were closed except 3.

22 (ssh), 80 (www-http), & 4000. Are they meant to be open, or are my Comodo Firewall settings incorrect, or etc.?

Thank you.

Hi Xenephobe

By default, CFP does allow any open ports. They are either open to a currently running (and user approved) application or specially created Network Monitor rules (again created by the user).

But, it also depends on how the port scan was run… if it was run locally, then CFP would have raised an alert for it. In this case, the port scanner isn’t really seeing what an “outsider” would see… since it was specifically authorised to get access. If the port scan is remote, then it depends on your communications set-up. For instance, if you have a router or some other such box, that includes a hardware firewall or NAT, then the port scan is running against the router… not CFP. In this case, CFP only sees what the hardware firewall/NAT of the router allows it to see.

Hope this helps.