Some pages under are being blocked; how can I find out why?

When I go on some pages on, it says:

The page is blocked by COMODO Internet Security Premium. Contact your system administrator.

Well, I’m the administrator, but I didn’t block anything there; CIS decided to block it on it’s own.

How can I find the reason those pages are being blocked?

It gets blocked by the website filter. You can add the website as an exception to the filter here.

I don’t wanna unblock it without knowing why it got blocked in the first place; it could’ve been hacked and be hosting some drive-by malware or something…

Check the website filtering logs - reason should be in there.

It just says “Malware Sites” under Category…

Is there a field saying Exclusions like in the screenshot to the linked Help page? It should be added there.

Like I said before, I don’t want to unblock it before knowing why it was blocked in the first place.

It is currently no longer blocked. I am testing on Win 10 TP with CIS v8 beta.

I asked the other mods to share their wisdom. I am not quite sure how the list is hooked up. It may be the same list as is being used for Secure DNS servers. I will await mod’s wisdom for now.

This one for example is still blocked:

It does not get blocked on CSI v8 Win 10 TP. May be something is up with the web site filtering in my specific set up. :-\


Mine says it’s 7.0.317799.4142 ; do I need to manually download an update?

Just tried its also blocked for me using W7, CIS 7.0.317799.4142

I meant v8 beta. I am not running a final release.

This one gets blocked on my Win 8.1.1 with CIS 8 beta.

This one does not get blocked here. May be it has been cleared by Comodo.

I meant some pages in that site; not that URL in specific.