Some Pages Doesn't Open

i’ve used comodo firewall for some time now, but now i’ve a problem, some pages doesn’t open and doesn’t apear any error. I use Firefox 2 and if i disable the comodo firewall this problem doesn’t exist anymore. The only rules that i’ve used are tge rules for emule that are here in the forum
please help me
sorry about my english,i’m portuguese


i forget to tell that if i put allow all in the comodo the problem doesn’t exist anymore

I’m no expert but allow all leaves you with minimal to no protection I would think

True, but it also shows that there is an issue with Rules somewhere in Comodo.

Here’s my suggestion, Mordep. Open Application Monitor. Remove all rules currently in existence for Firefox. Reboot your computer and run FF. Any alerts you get, select “Remember” and click Allow. See if that resolves the issue.