Some one accessed my files. help?

Well, i recieved an email from a person i don’t know, and he enclosed a few jpg files that i had in a desktop folder. What should i do? i use vista, and havent really seen a threat, any info on how to stop this would be great. if you need any details please ask. Worried :S

Do you use a firewall? (besides windows built in) If not i would suggest downloading Comodo firewall 2.4 on it’s default settings it’ll stop anyone from “hacking” you. Hope this helps.

The link for comodo firewall 2.4 (stable version)

am installing some free antiviruses, and the firewall, i stupidly had desktop shared on limewire but i rarely use it, plus i dont know how he would get my email either. I only have been using windows defender. Just wish i knew how much he would have accessed, p/w’s n s**t. i dont store them. Is there a way of finding out how the files were uploaded? and ty for quick response :slight_smile:

oh and i found to folders on my desktop through limewire but i cant find them on the desktop through general searching, im using Vista and the folders are named ::{59031A47-3F72-44A7-89C5-****FE6B30EE}
::{4336A54D-038B-4685-AB02-****52D3FB8B} deleted some stuff just incase :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m not experience with keyloggers, but if one is installed on your pc, even if you don’t store your passwords, they can trace every key stroke you input.

More info if you feel liking reading:

Firewall is the most important piece of security software (especially if you don’t have a router) because it’s the first line of defense.

1st, i suggest u instal Comodo firewall immediately.

2nd, scan ur computer thoroughly w any scanners avai.

3rd, instal privacy snoop free which is a very gud real-time anti-keylogger.

if nothing strange, we can roughly rule out software keylogger and mite think of a hardware keylogger. hardware keylogger is a bug that can attach somewhere in ur comp and ur comp needs a surgery to find out.

i saw a guy on wilders forum who is spied by his computer-pro x-gf and his story is really scary. we now should watch out for evry possibility.

Do like aladinonl said, get SnoopFree.
It’s kinda out-of-date, and might not be able to catch the newer advanced keyloggers, so I recommend a-squared and Spybot - Search & Destroy, both detects and removes keyloggers.
Also, download HijackThia and run scan, then post the log here so we can see if there’s something suspicious running on startup.


But remember do not download more then one Real Time Protection Anti Virus you can not run two at a time. It will only cause conflicts. I’d suggest a good Anti Virus like Avast or Avira along with a on demand scanner like BitDefender

How would he get your email? You opened and saved some jpg’s. The jpg’s are a form of bait - if you open the email and view the graphics, they are likely stored on a remote computer with a link in the email. Once you view them, they are downloaded from the remote computer and this is confirmation that your email is an active account, and is logged on the hacker’s computer. Also, it is possible to embed code in a jpg that will infect your computer if opened. Besides the AV and spyware scans, you should also use a couple of anti-rootkit programs. Rootkit Revealer, and System Virginity Verifier (no I am not making it up!) will scan your computer and report the likelihood of a root kit being present. To remove a rootkit, try AVG Anti-Rootkit Free: a free online scan to remove rootkits: or Sophos Anti-Rootkit:
I almost forgot - those numbers that you mentioned: {59031A47-3F72-44A7-89C5-****FE6B30EE} etc look a lot like the device class codes for things like your hard drive, PCI bus, USB bus, and so on. I really don’t know what that means, but don’t just delete them without keeping a copy. You may have to restore them, or they may be a link that allows the hacker to access your computer on a system level. You should get advice from: if you have further problems.