Some newbie questions and issues

Hello, I’m new to this forum.

I didn’t know in which section of the forum I should post this topic, but I went for this one, as this the one that seems least unfit. Please move the thread if it fits better somewhere else.

I do not yet use the Comodo firewall (though I use BoClean), as I have Vista, and when I checked multiple times earlier in 2007, it was stated that it will come later. I signed up to have an e-mail sent to me once the Vista version was finished, and didn’t think much more about it. No e-mail came into my inbox, and by some twist of fate I revisited the Comodo site today, and found out that I was almost two months behind.

I’m gonna download and install the Comodo firewall, just want to scan with some malware scanners before, so to make sure my computer is as clean as possible when I install this new firewall. Or maybe that is not needed?

Now on to something more serious. I downloaded the CPIL Suite to test my current firewall, to see what it could stand up to. After a a relatively long while (though still running the program), the explorer stopped responding, it also stated Microsoft Windows stopped responding, though the computer appeared to avoid a major crash. Still, I restarted the computer. Then when I had restarted and surfed for a while, the computer had a freeze crash, which meant I had to restart it the harsh way.

So in the wake of the latest computer problems, I would like to know if those test files change the computer files (like the explorer) in any way. The information text said it would be doing something to the explorer to try and see if the firewall resisted the exploit techniques. Especially considering freeze crashes, which were a problem (occurred every two or three week or so) when the computer was new, but which I haven’t had for months before this latest event.

As for the rationale behind Comodo creating free firewall and other security-related products, I certainly hopes that it pays off, not the least because of instinctual self-preservation :wink: I’m full aware of that Comodo doesn’t run a charity, and if this activity doesn’t pay off (or pay off less than expected), then Comodo might (understandably) cease to do it.

I hope I didn’t forget anything.

Hi Calypze. I would post this in the Help for CFP ver. 3. In answer to one of your questions (should you clean up your computer before installing CFP?) I would say yes. Some of the default settings for CFP assume that your computer is at least somewhat clean already. A computer freezing is never a good indicator. If you could post some of the vitals about your situation (operating system, current firewall, current anti-virus, current anti-spyware, etc.) that would give those who want to reply more information to help you.

Thanks for the reply. Should I repost this in the section you mentioned, or will a mod move it there, or will it do fine here?

My OS is Windows Vista Home Premium, my current newly-isntalled Frewall is CFP ver 3 (though the one I used before (when I posted the initial post) was the freeware version of ZoneAlarm) and my antivirus is Avira AntiVir. I also make occasional scans with other programs, and I do have some other realtime programs like BoClean and WinPatrol.

Before I installed Comodo, I made a scan with AntiVir, and it came out clean.

I guess you should post your problem(s), if you still have them, to the firewall V3 help section. Are you still having issues? (like your computer freezing?). I am a bit paranoid. If I were having issues with my computer locking up I would be firing everything (antivirus, spyware scans, windows updates, spybot, etc., and updating all cleaning tools before scanning). If you would find something exceptional (besides something as benign as cookies) I would not be afraid to do a clean uninstall/install of CFP 3. If you come up clean then you are probably ok. My experience with Comodo firewall, on 2 XP’s and one Vista, is that it works great. My computers have never been cleaner. Be advised that, according to rumours on this forum, that Comodo is ready to spring something on the world. Watch for it.


Hello again, sorry for being off for so long time.

I have scanned with Avira AntiVir (before I installed Comodo) and then after I installed Comodo, I’ve scanned with Kaspersky Online Scanner and a-Squared, and I came up clean. So I hope it’s alright.

Btw, won’t Defense+ block known malware? According to the help file, Defense+ is almost a substitute for traditional antivirus programs.