Some Network Rules Ignored and Lost at Next Reboot (3.0.17 and 3.0.18 X32)

Using High Alert on Firewall, have individual rules for CPFSBMIT.EXE and SUPERANTISPYWARE.EXE, both lost their sub-rules at reboot. Rules added to either are ignored when the applications are run and these added rules are dropped again at next reboot although the Application Rule is still there.

All other applications are functioning as expected.

These rules were working with version 3.0.16 with old format policies.

3.0.17 was a Clean Boot install after uninstall and registry clean for 3.0.16. New format policies recreated.
3.0.18 was an update and reboot only.

Anyone else experiencing this odd behaviour?

Regards, Dave

using x64 and i have the same issue. I set a custom rule (that i created and named - like Local and Lan only - 192.168.1.* and Next time i reboot or when the program is trying to get on the internet, the firewall asks me again what to do. So i say, block it (as stated in my rule). Then i check what rule is set for that program, and it’s not my created rule anymore, it’s free for all but the port i just blocked. So that firewall is pretty useless because it just overide any setting…

I have similar expirience with version 3.18. Besides Firewall, Defense also forgets some settings.


These rules that disappear were imported from old format settings file (v3.0.16 and below), weren’t they? Or newly created rules are also affected? Or these rules were imported from v3.0.17? Do you experience problems on updated version or somebody did a clean install of CF 3.0.18?

In my instance :-

The Rules were not imported, ALL rules were created from scratch under 3.0.17 after clean install.

Any rules for the applications cpfsbmit and superantispyware whether created when ASKED or Manually are ignored when the application is next invoked and these rules also disappear from under the application rule at the next reboot.

I have even tried removing the Defense+ rule for superantispyware to see if that made a difference. The new defence rule automatically created is honoured but the Firewall Application rules aren’t. For instance, multiple identical DNS rules will be created for superantispyware.

Regards, Dave