Some more comments on CPF

These are my experiences, not necessarily yours.

The good news:

  1. Exiting Windows no longer takes forever.
  2. Logging off then on works fine now.

The bad news (not really so bad):

  1. Scan for known applications still only scans my C: drive even though I have other drives and partitions. This has always happened with every CPF release I’ve tried. Is it just me???

  2. I’ve had a little more problem getting my AVG email scanner to work with this release. Setting the AVG email scanner to skip security checks was needed as usual but the AVG email scanner would deactivate a few times after I installed this release. I now have about 5 AVG email scanner modules in my application list and it finally seems stable. There’s got to be an easier way.

It makes sense. C: drive only. This is your active drive and while other drives and partitions may be in place, they are not actually OS functioning partitions. Only C:, you can only have one. So in fact it will only scan for this. There is no need to scan other partitons or backup drives really as programs don’t operate usually off other partitions, etc…

I have to ask, can you open the application window, clear the AVG modules. Leave window open, open your email client or send yourself an email and see if AVG pops up in the app list.



My version scan all drives, from C: to H:


That seems to put the computers at odds then.

I have two drives , 4 partitions, only scanned C:\ .

My son has two hard drives, 3 partitions, only scanned C:.

While I can’t see it scanning other than drives\partitions that will be actually running an OS or active applications, could you screen shot when it scans your other drives? If this is an issue, Comodo would want to know about it. Thx.



I have 3 drives, i put some apps like skype, outlook and others on i: partition and comodo found them.
Tonight i will post some pics.
Maybe comodo scan only entire c: drive?


Unless you have the .exe files stored elsewhere, this may be a factor as all my setup files are on C:.
i: ?? I thought it was C: through H: ? :o



Hi Guys,

It scans all drives but only “Program Files and Windows” folders. Since the applications that the wizard looks for are usually in these folders.

Since that wizard will include our certified application database support in the future releases, currently we do not scan entire files.

Hope this clears things a bit,

Sorry for mistake, after count i have:

1drive c: and i:
2drive f: and g:
3drive h:

cd d:
dvd: e:


Thank you egemen, yes, in fact it does :wink: :wink:



The scan only found 3 applications on my C: drive. All MS.

Programs such as AIM, which I would have thought would be a program that is looked for, was not. I also have many more Internet programs on my C: drive which were not found.

Having used other FWs with a scan feature they all found many more programs on ALL my drives.

Can you post a list? I too have used other firewalls and ZA didn’t detect any more or less than what Comodo does, niether did Kerio. Did you look in component monitor?



All CPF detected was OE6, MSN messenger, and IE6.

I’ve used KPF (the paid version) and I recall that my application list was bigger after I ran their auto detect feature. Certainly more then 3 programs if I remember correctly.

Does the auto detect use a built in list of programs or does it use some other method to detect applications? If it’s a built in list what programs are on it? If it is a list, and the only programs I have that match it are the three it found, then case closed.

And don’t forget that CPF only scans my one c: partition. Other folks say it scans their other partitions. So if something is amiss on my system this might explain why CPF only picked up 3 programs.

Yes. It does not have a large list of applications. “Comodo Certified Applications” are the main list used by CPF(more than 10000 apps.).

This wizard is simply for basic applications.

Is AIM on the list??? That’s about as popular of an Internet program as it gets.

Does being a certified program mean you will never get a popup? I get popups for things like IE which I assume is certified. Of course there seems to be many, many ways to get popups from CPF so maybe being certified only covers one of the ways? I use a program launcher to launch IE as well as most of my programs and I get popups relating to this.

Unless there is something critical about the request, CPF will not show any popup about the safe application. For example, if a safe application launches IE, CPF wont show. But say if some unknown application OLE Automates IE, CPF will show.

If the chain of threat checks does not contain any unknown application, CPF wont show any popup for certified applications.