some little tool i found on named Wizmo

i was doing nothing special on the web then i arrived on GRC | WIZMO - Steve's Windows Gizmo  
this little tool is funny,
when u launch the exe, nothing happens, u got a little window with text about how to use this tool.
so when u create a shortcut to launch it, u edited the shortcut command and u can add lot of options, so the shortcut can do a lot of things to the OS. display turns black, things like that, reboot, turn off, change the volume, hibernate, ok so things not very dangerous.
but the problem is that I deleted *.dll in the group executables for D+
cause those millions dll drive me mad,
ok but this thing Wizmo was some tool that can’t break my machine,
but if it was a malware, as I was bored with *.dll, windows 7 would be in troubles.
so if i add *.dll, i know that i’m going to start mad but in fact, it’s a mega huge hole that i create in D+
and now that i control only executables group without *.dll,
the D+ is very fast,
cause before, i used to put all the groups into D+ and it was sooooooooooo long…
then i decided only executables group but when u start a prog , there are 3000 alerts about dll,
so i decided to delete this *.dll
but now, i think it’s a total stupid idea i had.
if i put the *.dll back, there are so many,
D+ will become slow no ? after registered thousands dll…

Edit by EricJH: removed the big free spaceDid you add dll to the files to check under Image Execution Control Settings? That will increase the amount of rules stored in the registry. A big amount surely did make CIS slower in the past. May be it still does.

i added the *dll again and it recorded a lot of dll since yesterday, a huge amount, but there’s no problem, i know that when i go in the D+/advanced/computer security policies, so i clic on purge or something then the judgment is done when i clic on apply.
when i had all the groups into the D+, it was lagging for ages before D+ ended reading all the rules, like 1 min or so,
actually with only executables group complete (dll added again), clicking on apply and done takes 4 seconds. that’s perfect, the dlll have no bad impact on the comodo reactivity.
that’s a great new, i stay with the executables group files complete :slight_smile:
and i see there’s a new release, it’s time to reinstall the new build :slight_smile: