some info is not encrypted--but why

hello all–I had a ssl certificate from another company and it expired–there were no alerts with it. I got a free ssl from Namecheap and my host added it to the site. it is giving the some of the information is not encrypted error on the https pages and so no sales. Like I said the other cert from star something worked fine and I changed or added nothing to the site. hovering over things i see a lot of http --like the whole menu and most of everything else.

The site is wwwdot99dentaldotcom and the host is hawkhost–they use lightspeed–during the request process i selected other when asked abbout the server since i did not see lightspeed as a choice. It was at the top to pick apache but well i did not see it–the certificate was generated with other not apache.

I do not know if that is the problem but I need to get ths fixed asap.

Like I said i added nothing to the site–alerts just happenned after ssl from comodo–i am not criticizing comodo.

any help would be appreciated


As far as I can see on the Login page… you have some JS that is not coming via a secured means. Please see Statcounter in order to fix this issue (as this is all I see wrong with it.)

All scripts, images and objects must be secured appropriately.

I do not know why that freaking statcounter is still there–I thought it might be it and deleted the project AND the code from the site–but it still shows up…

when you say please see statcounter are you saying that it might be the problem.

I am saying it is the problem. It’s an HTTP JS file. If you see them and generate a secure version, the error should go away.