Some ideas.

Few wishes that i hope can improve comodo usability a lot:

1.Notification about something which is trying to kill a CIS.

This would be a specific alert. We all know, that when something is trying to kill a security program it’s for a 95% a virus.
Now CIS automaticly protects itself from being killed/turned off. In my opinion it’s important(to inform the user), that there is something in a memory which is trying to do as such bad things. To alert and give the possibility to kill and block this harmful process. Already online armor has it (something similar).

The point of this wish is that: not only protect from being killed, but also inform the user, that there is something bad in his/her computer.

2.Alert about suspicious file in the sandbox.

We all know this alert:

It appears when we have automatic sandbox disabled.What’s about when it is enabled? File goes to the sandbox…and nothing. Defense + heuristic detected something bad within this file but user don’t get any simple information about this. This is my proposition:

3.Detection of a hidden processes - here is a capability of cis in detecting hidden process.

Why not to use it to give the better protection?
Alert something like that:

and we’ve got decent protection.
Kaspersky and OnlineArmor have it already!

4.“Terminate this process” option.

For me is a big missing in this program. Almost all of HIPS’ have it. As you’ve seen on the previous photos.
To easly kill unwanted process.(without opening cis>D+tab>active…).

5.Detecting files with a suspicious names in the suspicious locations:


many of malware want to cheat you and their names are similar to significant system’s processes and they are in system folders…but there are some differences like a svchost.exe in WINDOWS - not in System32.(the same with many,many others)
OnlineArmor has it already.

6. better alerts of Defense+.


Doesn’t look easier? Comodo wants to relase its products to many users… most of them really don;t know what is shutdown.exe or msconfig.exe.

7.Edge around the sandboxed application - urgent.

All security software with sandboxes or other forms of restriction have it. It would prevent mistakes that app is really isolated or no.

sorry for my mistakes.
those pictures show only a face of a idea