Some Ideas

Hello people,

I am using a free COMODO-Firewall :BNC

After some time of usage I maybe have some ideas for the next update…

-I would like to be able to change the size of the controllPanel window
-Details in the network monitor should be selectable for copy&paste
-It should be possible to name rules in networkMonitor (i.e. “MyCrazyRule” ALLOW PROTOCOL or OTHERPROTOCOL from IP ANY where source port is ANY - ANY and destination port is ANY,ANY)
-In Port selection (wehre I can select port-port or port,port,port) it should be possible to choose ports like port,port,port-port,port (hope someone understand what i mean)
-It should be possible to sort lists by criteria (sort by portNumber, 0-1-A-z, IP, Protocol, …)
-It should be possible to select entries in the Logfile/view and add them to NetworkRules by RightClick (so if you see something is blocked in the log youcan enable it emeadiatly)
-It should be possible to export/save the rules so that they can be importet after ReInstalling or also maybe on a other Machine (like in RegistryEditor Import/Export all or selective by RuleName or Port or IP or ruleName)
-there should be some predefinied rules like HTTP, FTP, RemoteProtocol, … (for people like me who dont know about port 21 or FTP)
-maybe it is also possible to fake the MAC adress
-and maybe there is a way to translate the firewall menues to german :))
-Maybe it is possible to filter and also redirect some blocked URLs somehow like in a netgear router but more configurable :wink:
-I like the design but maybe there is a way to change the blue colours to maybe something like darkBlack :))
so I hope this allllllll will come up in the next update … maybe in an half hower or so :wink:

i tryed some Firewalls like zoneAlarm, Outpost, MS, … and after all i still like COMODO
in opposide to Outpost it is possible to manage the COMODO-Firewall also after Windows user swiching :slight_smile:

COMODO firewall is a goodlooking configurable firewall wich works good and to me stable :slight_smile:
I hope you will keep it free and good or better as it is :wink:

maybe i will have some ideas later, thank you for all, and maybe i will have some ideas more after the next update :)) :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

Welcome to the forums, JMC! (:WAV)

I moved your post over here to the CPF/Feedback section as it’s a better fit here, with your improvement suggestions. :wink:

It would be great if you could add some of that to the Wishlist, here:,1202.0.html