Some ideas for CIS - 4

Some ideas for CIS - 4

  1. An option to lock every thing except the windows update and Antivirus updates.

CIS create a restore point [ not windows restore ] and every time system boots it’ll clear all the data’s including downloaded - installed everything on all drives expect the user unflagged some folder / drives.

  1. New software installation / wann to keep some new modifications ?

once an installation completed CIS will ask the user to create a new timestamp ? if yes he / she has to enter the password to set the new one.

Also CIS will have an option to have atleast one old timestamp.

  1. Keep the user interface as simple as possible.

  2. please concentrate much and much on the antivirus scanning engine , unpacking and scanning and the use of resources -[ memory ].

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MuthusrinivasaN :slight_smile:

+1 for point 1. There is a software HD Guard ( that does a similar job.
The moot point here is that over a period of time, windows manages to add enough of additional system overhead / junk that the performance / stability suffers. To ward of such issues, more softwares (CIS being the best and closest towards the requirement) should have the ability to block windows unintended ageing.

#4. Your prayers have been heard. After the official release of 3.9 on May 12 there will be enhancements to unpacker handling.

As mentioned in another thread, the ability to restore files patched by a rootkit and have all the backup files stored in a safe and encrypted space where no rootkit has access to (so it cannot patch the backup files as well). Right-click integration in the shell to restore files. Right-click on any damaged or patched file and select “restore from Comodo TimeMachine”, even if that files is a critical and locked file.