Some ideas about "Comodo Security Suite"

You know this could be a great thing if a user could get “all-in-one”. But i think it would be even greater with the idea i am about to suggest…

For now we have Comodo Antiviruspyware, Comodo BOClean (which is promised to be integrated with CAVS), Comod Memory Guardian (which is promised to be intergrated with CPF as i understood), Comodo Firewall Pro, Comodo Verification Engine, Comodo Backup and Comodo Secure Email. At least these are apps i know about. They all are separate and tend to conflict a bit.

Now check this out. Every major company out there offers a complete “All-in-one” solution - a FW/AV and some other things, integrated into one app. This is a good approach, but it has it’s downside - i can’t install the “security suite” WITHOUT some features. I mean if i need ZA’s Identity theft protection - i have to install the whole ZA Security Suite and disable everything except that ID Theft protection! Which leads to compatibility issues (ZA’s drivers still install and loaded) and a whole bunch of other problems.

What i want to say is the “modular” approach - something Melih and other guys were talking about. Think about it - i install standalone CFP, Backup, maybe Verification Engine and maybe Secure Email. They work as expected, they act as standalone apps. BUT. If the dev guys could create a sort of “COMODO Control Center”, from which i could manage every single Comodo app installed on my system? And all these apps like CFP, SecureEmail and Backup - they act like a PLUGINS to that COMODO Control Center? So it’s like i install a SEPARATE “COMODO Control Center” which automatically detects Comodo apps? I mean if i need a firewall - i install it, if i don’t i can uninstall it without the need of uninstalling the whole suite!

At least i had to try, sounds like a good idea to me ;D

I think this answers my intended question I want a Firewall ,Antivirus ,Anti spyware program such as I have seen others do . But it appears I will have to download and run them all individually if I go for Comodo . Am I right or am I wrong ?? (:SAD)

Right now it IS so, but every major company started with a separate product, which it is known for - Kaspersky’s Anti-virus, now evolved into Kaspersky Internet Security… NOD32 Anti-Virus, now also has a Security Suite… And Comodo IS going to become a major company, if it hasn’t already. But with the above idea of “Comodo Control Center” (CCC, sounds pretty cool!) and if CCC’s installation would be capable of downloading and installing (or removing) any COMODO software you want - it’s pretty much like “All-in-one” but with added flexibility!