Some icons not displaying correctly in url pages in IceDragon.

Some icons not displaying correctly in url pages in IceDragon.

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Are you using Privdog 3?

"Publisher’s Description -From Adtrustmedia: What is PrivDog? our friends on the AdTrustMedia compliance team strictly review all ad content prior to its release on the network. "

Who are you trying to sell this to? You are spamming instead of offering me a solution as to why some icons not displaying in IceDragon.

Why would anyone in their right mind who don’t want any ad at all want to use something like PrivDog? There are adblockers out there that will block all ads, period! I don’t need ads, I will go and look for a product when I want it, no need to show me any ad. Now that is faster net surfing for you.!

Test versions of Privdog 3 showed the behaviour you described. Hence why I was asking.

Hi shenzhou,
Eric is not spamming, please do not jump to conclusions.
Eric asked the question about PrivDog because it has been known to cause some display issues.
If you were using PrivDog, Eric would have then asked for you too try with it disabled.

Back to the issue, do you have any 3rd party extensions especially blocking/filtering extensions?
If yes, please try with them disabled.

Edit: Synchronized posting Eric.

I apologize Eric. Will test disabling my adblock edge and ghostery again to reconfirm and update this post with outcome when done.

Thank you.


I disabled all addons, not just adblock and ghostery, still icons not not showing like they should.

Another example website:

Would be great to know where the problem is and fix it. I will survive but it’s a little annoying and little things build up as we all know.

Thank you all for all your help.


Hello shenzhou,

Take a look at this discussion:
It may be relevant to your situation.


Indeed, it was the same. Thank you for being so keen in helping, all. Thank you.

"I discovered that Allow pages to choose their own fonts, instead of my selections above was indeed disabled. Upon selecting it again, the page is displayed as it should. "

Good to hear that the issue is sorted shenzhou, thanks for pointing this out gs22. :-TU

Kind regards.