Some HIPS tests I've seen on the net...

1.I only wanted to ask you some things regarding Comodo’s HIPS in version 3.0:
Has anyone tested Comodo’s HIPS on these websites:

Than termination tests,how known HIPS programs respond to the attacks of kernel-level
Will Comodo’s HIPS be able to pass these tests?

2.Regarding leak-tests:
Despite I’ve been suspicious about leak-tests,I still think leak-tests are extremely important-you simply never know when an hacker supposedly somehow tries to create malware that is able to bypass firewall’s outbound protection through any tehnic that is available and found in leak-testing programs than firewall can protect us.
That’s why I’ll even beg you to continue the excellent work in leak-testing-I truly hope that
whenever an new leak-test comes out Comodo’s techies will enable to Comodo firewall to pass them all.

3.Since the beginning of this year I started to trust to you and the company because so far Comodo hasn’t let me down,I didn’t pick any rootkit or virus or spyware or anything like this.
However,I’m still scared of few things about Comodo:
First is:
I truly hope Comodo will pass every leak-test and HIPS-test now and in the future,too.
This is basically you have truly shown that you care about security-and I truly respect that.
The last time my computer has been invaded by over 800 malware samples and my hard disk almost got crushed(almost),since the day I use Comodo,I was fully protected.

I only hope that Comodo will be perpetually upgraded-this thing really scares me because I remember version 1,and how much it took to upgrade to version 2-honestly I didn’t want to install Comodo until version 2 comes out-I only hope the period between upgradements will half-a-year at most.

I think that the idea of fully featured HIPS in Comodo is excellent-I personally think that every firewall should have it.
Since no other firewall has fully featured HIPS,I choose Comodo.
I also hope that HIPS would always be upgraded,too.
QUESTION:Will Comodo firewall have option to completely terminate malware process?
As a HIPS I think it should,basically if you accidentally have an kernel-level rootkit,you simply
click the right click of the mouse,and you click terminate/kill the process?

And not to mention-it’s all for free!

Here are some views of Comodo Firewall on Wilder Security forums:

However there are also people who weren’t impressed too much:

Your opinions?