Some help on the firewall

I would like to know if comodo can block a specific IP address, as well as a specifc ip address for an application. Also how to solve the NAT probelm encountered when using Azureus? Lastly, comodo does not seem to pass the test at . Any help is greatly appreciated

To block an IP address, you need to set up a block rule in the network monitor, specifying the IP to block, the protocol etc.

To block an IP address and port for a specific application, this is done in the Application Monitor. Double click on the desired application and modify the rule by adding the specific address and port combination.

Bear in mind that if you have blocked an IP address in the network monitor, it doesn’t matter if you haven’t blocked that address in the application monitor. The network monitor is the last outbound point of check and takes priority over the component and application monitors.

Hope this helps,
Ewen :slight_smile:

What about the NAT error I am getting? I tried allowing port 6881 in the network monitor, and i allowed all connection for Azureus, but there is still a NAT error, only when i allow all connection then there is no error. The log writes, Inbound Policy Violation (access denied) IP=XXX Port =6881
Protocol UDP incoming
Source XXX:XXX
Destination XXX:6881
Reason Network control rule ID =5

can anyone help me on this?

Hi, what order in the network monitor list did you add your rule?,411.0.html this thread may help.