Some guidance on a comprehensive system


(First post). I’m currently getting increasingly irritated with the McAfee suite of programs - among other things, the privacy service (or something) seems to be creating a local proxy server which appears to be causing a “black hole router” problem with one eBank I use. It’s the newer version to the McAfee system I’m using on XP Pro sp2. The latest update is now causing the occasional DHCP problem: the DHCP server in my hardware firewall is sending DHCPNACK messages from time to time.

On my older latpop, I have a series of self-assembled programs to do the necessary jobs of security. One of them is the Sygate firewall, which always worked very well, but has been eaten by the Symatnec conglomerate and is no longer supported.

I also used to use Vet AV, which was quick, up to date and non-intrusive. That got eaten by Computer Associates and is now similar to McAfee AV. OK but not as good as it used to be, interface and intrusiveness-wise.

I did previously use Norton AV, and I found that really bad on Win2K - slowed stuff down a ton, very intrusive.

So I have a problem. I want to remove the McAfee stuff and assemble a suite of programs to do firewall, AV, spam and spyware.

I set out to find good appliations for these tasks. So far, Comodo Firewall looks a good choice. But I don’t have any strong views on the rest.

I don’t mind McAfee AV and their email spam system is quite good (I use Thunderbird email and Firefox browser, and I control pop-ups in Firefox. You’d be amazed how tricky it is to stop McAfee turning off the Firefox anti-popup system).

I don’t want a “you will ■■■■ your nose whether you need to or not” total-system-suite, just a series of applications I can configure, trust and run in the background, that don’t drain system resources. If they’re from one source so much the better.

What views and or prejudices do people have on solving these needs?



I think there are discussions already about this. I would recommend you put a new post asking for the same things in the general section or the firewall section so that you can get some views.

For me… firewall v3 is good enough protection :slight_smile: (but my views are biased :slight_smile: and v3 is not out yet to public) :slight_smile:



Please do post your ?? in the General forum (so we can address all at one shot…). When you do, PM me a link; I’ll gladly jump in there with my 2cents.


OK, I copied it into the Generral forum. The forum labeled “General Discussion (off topic)” - didn’t seem suitable as it’s fairy “on topic”, but there was no other general area that covered more than one application (that I could find).