Some good free AV, FW software for novice computer user.


This is my mother’s laptop we’re talking about, had to do a restore after a Zlob infection massively ■■■■■■■ up her Windows among other things. I’m looking for good AV programs that are Free, I already put in Avast, and probably putting in CFP3 with D+ inactive (she won’t stand the popups).

I would much rather put something like Nod32, but we really don’t want to spend on AV just right now, so some help is needed.

Also, I want as few AV programs as possible, no Spybot, SAS, and all other kinds of antispyware to bog down the Vista, as its already slow on it own. ;D

SAS doesn’t bog down your system cause its on demand only in the free version. Avast is the best free av. Along with Comodo you will be fine. D+ active isn’t that big of a deal. You can manually add all her programs so she doesnt get pop ups. Sandboxie is another good choice to have. So here is my run down of what I always install on any of my families pc’s. All of these are free.