Some feedback

Hi, I’m new here (excuse my English).

I’ve been using Comodo for quite a while now and I love the changes done in v4.0 but there are some problems I’d like to report. I upgraded only yesterday and I’d like to share some of the issues which hopefully will be resolved.

  1. Defense++ setting “Submit the file to comodo checkbox” constantly rechecks itself. When a program asks for elevated privileges (on Vista\7) the setting won’t be remembered for some programs and shall recheck. I don’t think I want to resubmit programs. This happens for programs not recognized by Comodo of course (not all the time however but it does).
  2. Issue with Sandbox: how are you going to deal with programs which don’t seem to like the sandbox like LameXP. I added LameXP to my own safe files to clarify but still child processes created by it are ran in the sandbox which causes errors obviously. It unpacks some components which are sandboxed like tool_mediainfo.exe and are unpacked to random temporary directories, so adding static definiton to my own safe files is out of the question. Wouldn’t be easier either to have an option to check so that Sandbox doesn’t add these unrecognized programs to sandbox if they are a child process of a process included in My Own Safe Files or to be coded in as the feature.
    Note: Problem with LameXP and sandbox is that after its closed it remains in memory after some time an error message comes out stating that it cannot clear temp directory. I’d still love to see feature which allows me to enable the following suggestion.