Some False Positives.

This is the installer for A2 Free.
Application.Win32.FraudTool.MacroVirus.~A@2937430 C:\Downloads\ASquared\a2FreeSetup.exe
This is not the most current version of the installer, but I’m still sure it’s not malicious.

This is the installer for Programmers Notepad
Application.Win32.FraudTool.MacroVirus.~A@2937430 C:\Downloads\ProgrammersNotepad\pn208718.exe

Not sure what this .dll does, but only one out of the 39 scanners on VirusTotal thought it was suspicious.
Heur.Packed.Unknown C:\WINDOWS\system32\midas.dll


This has been fixed, please update to latest CIS V477 and update virus signature database to latest.


This .dll is being picked up again…

CIS version 3.9.81003.508
Signature Database 1162

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what do you have heuristics set to? Personally right now I would not set them above low, they are too prone to false positives. With the next version where CIMA comes into play they should be much better.

They are set to low, but that shouldn’t matter as this .dll was already classified as a false positive and fixed in 3.8.

Attaching the file as requested by PM.

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Hi HeffeD,

Thankyou for submitting the file. We have fixed the false positive. Please update your AV to 1167 and confirm.

Thanks and Regards,

Thanks Sriram! 1167 comes up clean. ;D