Some Enhanced Services

Hello Everyone, Hi “Little Mac”

I scanned through the current wish list and have a few services I would like to see, and also have a few ideas to increase income.   

Sorry, Noticed how long this was so I will give each idea its own thread :THNK

Many years ago I used a program called CatchUp. I found it with the first SystemWorks. I believe Cnet was also a participant with it (probably their servers were used).
There are several programs available now both free and paid, that attempt to do the same thing.
I tried a year or so ago 2 of the free ones, but they used more resources and in one instance missed updates.

 For those unfamiliar with [b]CatchUP[/b], It was an update program for the Hardware and  Software Programs you had installed on your computer,  It has been so long I don't recall if it also updated drivers also.

 The first difference between [b]CatchUP[/b] and the others is that with [b]CatchUP[/b] the user "manually" chose when to update. [b]CatchUP[/b],  would scan your system, and list which programs were installed, it then would go out to the interentet to see which had updates.  

Then you chose the programs you wanted to update by checking them.

2nd) Most of the others update programs are running in the background checking for updates all the time! Using unnecessary resources.

Except for Security Programs almost all other programs Do NOT Need to check for updates every hour every day or every week! Non O.S. software or Security Software, should only check for updates when being activated to run,

CatchUp would then automatically send you to the authors site to download the updates or transfer the user to a mirror site.
Commercial programs would require authorization before downloading.

Since installing any software, whole updates or drivers themselves, a disclaimer would be needed both before scanning for new software, and also after selecting the software to be downloaded.

Depending on the software being downloaded Comodo can do 2 things, have a small area during the download linking to Comodo products.  And also ads from that manufacturer for other products and "UpGrades"    As the service grows fees would be assessed based at a flat rate and per click.  Those companies that sign up early would have reduced rates.

Not sure why but [b]CatchUP [/b] was suddenly pulled, by Cnet.  

It was simple batch file that did the work without consuming resources, and left the user in complete control. The only areas that might have been a concern might have been the demand on servers (seeing what updates were available and redirecting to the correct sites) and the disclaimers for those that install software that crashes a system.

Hope Comodo could consider looking at this


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thats an old blast from the past,

I remember Catchup on Cnet, it was terrifc, i would go on it once or twice a month and let it scan my system for it to find if i needed any updates, and yeah i think it was for drivers and defintely installed apps if it found any new updates it would display them and you could click the install link ir provided and it would update our apps or drivers, kinda like Windows update site.

those were the two sites i ever used back then for updating my computer drivers and apps. Windows update for windows updates. and cnet catchup for everything else

P.S do you know of any other thing/site like that, that exists and is free?

Hi Ron_75

    With Cnet's  you can set it up so with specific software you pick they will send you and email announcing the new version.

     File Hippo has a beta that scans your HD and if they have a new version in their collection they will let you know which ones.

     Both of those above, requires that the files be in their collection, 

where CatchUp went back to the softwares original site.

    Wondered if you have used Scunia online scanner to check for Security patches and updates?

they also have a beta to download Secunia Personnal Software Inspector (PSI) that finds a little more and also lists software that are end of life.

  I never knew on my HD that IE7 was stored in 3 different locations.  I did a security updated the location where it is used updated, but there were also 2 other locations that have older versions.  Not sure if I should delete or just leave them be since they are not touched? Never knew that until the online Secunia scan.

  As for as scans for the lastest drivers, I am disappointed.   (:SAD)

I have a limited budget so I have tried several in the past year and planned on going to the manufacturesrs web site and downloading manually from there.
In several instances those drivers are not what the scanning software wants, I could not find it on the original boards creator NVIDIA nor that boards manufacturer EVGA.

Not sure why but CatchUp was pulled by Cnet.

  1. I liked it because it was simple, did not need to run at start up as Too many programs that check for its update, insist the must do in the default setup.

  2. As you said you chose what items to download and it originated from the authors site not a 3rd party file site, although you could be redirected to one.

I thought that Cnet could have sold advertising to that manufacturer before and during the download to see if the user wanted to upgrade to newer or additional software. Or other authors of the same type of software could have additional links promoting there software during the download.

Getting new customers in the store is one of the first objectives in marketing. CatchUp because of its simplicity, accuracy, and reliability (going directly to the author’s or manufacturer’s web sites to check for updates) and FREE still tops any that I have found since it was pulled by Cnet. :THNK