Some easy do yourself fixes

I use these settings (XP, but also on some others) to really speed up PCs and along with a COMODO firewall I have no problems. The modifications I suggest are easy to do, especially the registry modifications. You can simply copy & paste them into a blank note pad window, then save them as say “tweaks”
After that change the file extension from .txt to .reg and double click that file.
You can get that and a lot more from a web site I started:
The site is still under construction and there will be a lot more to come, stuff like how to set up your PC at the hardware and BIOS level so that it is TOTALLY invincible.


But I remind everyone to back up there Registry & files before doing so.


I am glad you caught that one, but you see, my web site is still under construction.I just assumed that people would regularly back their stuff up anyway, but then perhaps not! I don`t bother at all, I even disabled all backups…why would I do such an (insane?) thing: That is because I modified my hardware, so that there is no need. I just finished publishing how that works. On the main page of my web site there is now a link to how anyone can easily do this. It cost me about 10 bucks at a thrift store to put this together and ever since my PC is just like that movie car “Christine”. Check it out, you might like it and if you have any questions, I will be glad to help out any way I can.

Not a bad website! :slight_smile:

Make sure you add colour too :stuck_out_tongue: & Add COMODO! ;D


Thanks Josh
My problem is, that I am always taking the “easy street”. I agree some color will be nice and I will certainly take your advice there! Also I shall add more references to COMODO , because it helped me immensly setting up my PC so it is near optimum. Especially since I toy around a lot with Malware and I am a “Free Trial” software ■■■■■.
When I set my rules and alerts I save the logs and then take my time analyzing them. I found a lot of interesting methods that are used by malicious web sites and wanna be hackers!

Looks like it can become pretty interesting. The hardware-part looks interesting. It’s like softwares similiar to Returnil, except that it’s done at hardware level. Maybe it’s impossible to get infected, as you can’t in any way access the original HDD, only the cloned one.
You should patent your technique, and sell it to Microsoft for some billions (don’t forget to give me 1%, as I told you to) (:WIN)


Sorry, but I must be blunt.

The images are too low a resolution. Hard to see without zooming.

The information is in parts, out of date. In places it is wrong, or insufficient coverage. The “maxconnections” reg entry you have, is set at 60? SP2 will limit the max to 10 regardless. It requires a system file patch to overcome.

For example "automatic updates=automatic" , this will run your PC to a Microsoft web site in the middle of you editing a personal video, writing a letter or e-mail. This will bring what you had in mind to a screeching halt, slow it down to a crawl or even hang your computer...let alone having your current clip board wide open for any hacker to look at!
Sorry, but nope.

The services page is a bit wierd. To what sort of PC does it pertain? It must surely be pre Service Pack 1
A PC thus configured will not be using any sort of local network properly. QOS is disabled, BITS is disabled. The services valuable to troubleshooting are disabled, yet Help and support is auto?

It is far too sketchy and misinformation abounds.

Thanks GUYS!!!
I have just set this web site up a few days ago, then we had a bad storm here and our Internet + power was down for 2 days. I HAVE JUST UPDATED & uploaded some pretty neat stuff which you all might like.
Yes this is my Internet “clonker” and it is SP1 , I tried SP2 and did not like it for Internet use, but do use it
on some of the other PCs I have in my shop here. Sorry about the poor resolution, I will upload better pictures soon to replace these. BUT!!!! there are a few GOOD resolution pictures there now, one right at the start page. This one might REALLY!!!! interest you, because it shows how you can encrypt a HUGE amount of data and all some one would see is that small .bmp picture. You can convert a whole video like that (of course that would be a little larger) yet nobody could figure out what that REALLY is. You can even embed a whole spread sheet with all your offshore bank accounts in a video and post it say on YouTube if you like. I wrote the program a long time ago and you can just copy, paste , review , run or install it. The reason why I posted that is because that rinky dink (free) web site does not give me FTP service unless I pay $$$$$$, but they do let me upload pictures, so I thought Ok. Then I upload pictures, but in reality they are some pretty large Files, that all of you might want. I show what else I ax from XP to make it run A LOT FASTER. I guess you all have noticed by snooping around in \Windows\Sytem32 that there are a whole ■■■■ load of files like keyboard layout in case you are from Uzbekistan or however the heck you spell that and language support for almost every obscure dialect spoken on this planet. I see this on EVERY PC I fix!....Even my own and I KNOW WHAT I CHECKED OFF DURING INSTALLATION: AMERICAN ENGLISH ONLY PLEEEEEEASE! yet every time all this garbage is there. I just posted a batch file for you guys on my site so that if you want to get rid of all that junk it will zap it out for you. I also delete EVERYTHING in \windows\system32\dllcache....why you say? well there is a lot of talk how your PC retrieves .dll and .exe faster THAT IS TOTAL BS!!! I ALWAYS DUMP THIS junk, almost 2000 FILES!!!!! then I run a good reg cleaner, defrag my registry with something like "System Internals" and follow up with defragging my hard drive. You should see how that boosts your speeds with any operation you do later, bootup is about 20 secs quicker. Dont forget to use my regfix which makes your system to “always unload dll” because that is what fragments your available RAM, say when you are done playing a game, browsing, looking at videos…otherwise most of these dlls which were associated with what you did before STAY IN THE MEMORY... why is that?...because windows was trying to impress us with "how quick" it can re-run an application you run a couple of hours ago....! What an idiotic setup. If I made a few blue prints using a CAD program an hour ago and then edited a video of my Grandkids, now I want to go browsing, why on earth would I want all these dlls that were associated still stay resident in memory? Just what kind of genious at Microsoft decided that over my head?
Also about this pesty \windows\system32\dllcache it is that cache where windows conjures up files from like magic while you are throwing fits trying to delete it. EVERY SPYWARE AUTHOR MAKES USE OF THAT! and in more than 90% of the time you find it there! On my site also just published links where you get a free File unlocker.
It adds to you right mouse click menu. What does it do?
Well I am sure you came across situations where you wanted to get rid of a file that YOU wrote and you got this stupid message and the error “■■■■” unable to delete this file…because somebody else is using it?
Who…Im the only one in this room I hope? With the unlocker you instantly see who!!! It is you, just now, you are looking at it with "MyComputer" or "WExplorer" so therefore Windows decides not to allow you to delete much more typical catch 22 can it get. But now Malware exploits that same stupid catch and even if you find some stuff like: 00.dll 600476963.dll 0011.dll 6fo4svc.dll 0098ac0b.dll 6tditdsn.dll 01.dll 780470514.dll 02.dll 7search.dl on your PC and want to KILL it, you get that message BECAUSE THE MALWARE IS USING IT RIGHT NOW! perhaps by any chance you do manage it comes right back from the dllcache. BUT with that unlocker 1 right click tells YOU EXACTLY what process is using it, there is no hiding Then you click on "unlock process" and the select delete ■■■■ you just NUKED that sucker. Well Im taking up too much space here it`s all on my site along with a lot of other stuff
Again I REALLY APPRECIATE ALL your comments and if any of you are willing to help out, heck I would be more than glad give you Admin access to my web site, whatever it takes to combat this Malware garbage count me in.

Right YOU ARE! Sir
Even with this regfix I show on my page SP2 WILL knock you back down to just 10 connections and THAT IS WHY I DUMPED IT after I tried it. I still use it on some of my other PCs though. This one (my surfer clone) does NOT USE IT and when I go where I am for example I can monitor with TCP view (Sysinternal) and count ALL 60 sockets! Well they drop way back after web page is loaded. But believe me!.... they are established. Even when I go to my own site which is now a little more complete as it was when you looked at it at: I can count 1,2,3,.....all the way up to 60 highlighted in green then going red as they shut down when my page is loaded. I guess its causing something like a “brown out” on some sites and if Im not careful I get banned for a while. Yes I know the "Help and Support" enabled with my services is a contradiction... You are quite right. I never did say that I was perfect and sometimes I do want it, so I just enable what I need, do my stuff etc. It got there because on my Main which clones the drive you were looking at that service is enabled and got copied over. No on this drive I dont need it and it is NOT running. I should really go back, take new screen shots of
my service configs so it won`t show as enabled and running…which it is not.
Thank you Sir. Please do NOT apologize “for being blunt”. I appreciate when people tell me up front and honest what they REALLY think… else how could I learn more?
Again thank you and my best regards
Signed Bernhard

There are missing images. looks like your host has them sussed. (:TNG)

Use of “leetised” expletives does you no favours.

There’s no way i would install BASIC to use a Cryptor/decryptor. Basic!!???

The only problem with hiding files in images, is that the image grows. Your huge amount of data would be noticed by all. It certainly won’t cut it when you try to evade upload limits, since the sizes will combine. If you hide an anvil in a light cardboard box, even though you don’t see it, you still notice the anvil’s weight.

Service pack one? SP2 is the defacto, mate.

Don`t forget to use my regfix which makes your system to "always unload dll" because that is what fragments your available RAM, say when you are done playing a game, browsing, looking at videos....otherwise most of these dll`s which were associated with what you did before STAY IN THE MEMORY... why is that?...because windows was trying to impress us with "how quick" it can re-run an application you run a couple of hours ago....! What an idiotic setup.
Always unload dll..... Will slow your machine down as HDD access will be needed to reload files that just got flushed. It's about as usefull as a memcleaner app. The [b]idiotic setup[/b] is an actual benefit to many. It is used in a more controlled, though exagerated form, in Vista. Known as "superfetch". You surely won't like it Bernhard, since it loads files before you even use them. Just in case you do.

You don’t find spyware using the dll.cache as some sort of haven…

60 connections? You are a webmasters nightmare and the bane of the internet. No point in continuing.

My original comment applies. You haven’t thought it through and it shows. As do the free plugs on here.