Some clarification

(:CLP) First of all thanks for a fairly decent product that surpasses most free ones I’ve tried. However, coming from ZoneAlarm Pro (used it for over 8 yrs) it takes some time getting used to. I’m not sure if it’s a feature missing or it’s there and I haven’t with the hours I’ve spent reading and exploring to find how to configure settings based on Trusted/Internet Zones.

For example, thanks to Microsoft hiding it’s services inside of services, Generic Host Process should be given server rights in the local zone (like my LAN) but not in the Internet Zone. Likewise, say I have an FTP programme I want to grant server rights only within my home network but not server rights (can access the internet alright) rights. How do I go about doing this? In ZA, I had a local and internet zone that I could simply give server rights in the local, but not internet. Is this entirely possible or it’s a feature not yet built in?

CPF auto recognition of a network should have sufficient default settings. Nevertheless, the settings you may wish to tweak are found in the Network Monitor.