Some CIS' windows don't have the title bar, is just cut.


some minor windows, not the major ones, don’t have the title bar. It seems cut.
Look at the screenshots.
What is the problem?


[attachment deleted by admin]

I also get that when I change the theme to one I use for my main desktop etc.
But it’s not consistent. Sometimes the small dialogs don’t have a title bar and I have to close with ALT-F4. All the main windows are OK so far.

I just put it down to the usual Comodo ■■■■■■ GUI design (see System Cleaner for a real amateur effort!)


Hi at all,

maybe I found the problem, but I don’t how they are related, maybe can help someone else.
After I uninstalled Photoshop CS4 and I rebooted the pc all work fine.
I noticed also that there was another theme on my pc. More, the Window Classic theme was modified, maybe by CS4, and this probably caused the missing title bar in such a way.

– Robbio