Some bugs I discovered in the program -developers please fix in the next update-

This applies to the latest version of Comodo Firewall, the version I downloaded close to the 30 of December.
*Users try to reproduce these bugs yourselves.

1-add purge for firewall application rules and hips rules.
2-add option to allow “remember modifying of the same kind of request” instead then just a particular key
3-gamemode gives an application almost complete allowness like keyboard and monitor access; something the application never asked for.

4-this is not a bug but I would like to view the amount of data sent by a particular application both total and real time like the previous version; and if possible see the packets content like sygate firewall had.
5-“when in game mode” if I load an application with pre-defined policies but that application asks for 1 more permission game mode rewrites it all and allow most processes. big bug.
6-how to disable scan online of a file without user permission.
7-when you download and run an installer from the browser it doesn’t monitor it’s activities it allows it to install as a allowed application. please test to confirm.

8-easy way to find what programs are listed on hips, trusted list, or firewall rules
9-do not allow easy “select/deselect” of the items as they can be mofified while you’re moving and clicking the mouse without awareness you may not notice a chance.
10-this is weird… when you load a program from a shortcut whose target file has been recently moved, the shortcut often finds the file automatically, it executes; you then allow the process and save it as a policy, but it will save it displaying the previous location of the file, it doens’t help if you delete the rule and rerun the shortcut or make a new shortcut of the file it will still display the wrong path, and if you edit it to the right path; the rule won’t work anymore.
11-last bug, sometimes comodo is slow to react when opening advanced settings or when running an unknown application that’s waiting for permissions, the appropriate pop up window takes 10-15 seconds to show up.

12-not a bug but I really liked the previous look of comodo better. This one is harder to find the HIPS settings.
13-How to stop files from adding themselves to the trusted files database even after I disabled all 4 checkboxes in file rating settings.
14-When I deny or allow a connection to the network, make it applicable to just that ip and port number/protocol and for that session only, firewall allows full connection to the application if you allow the outgoing request to go on, what I mean is, it doesn’t just allow that connection to happen will allow all further request until you close the program.

For future reference, when you make a post with this many questions all in one place it becomes very difficult to follow. I believe that is why nobody has responded until now.

This exists. Please click the small arrow at the bottom of the window to see the options.

Which portion of the settings does this refer to. Can you please post a screenshot?

Yes, this has been discussed elsewhere and I now warn about this in my article.

Hopefully this will be included in the upcoming summary screen.

I’m not sure if this is a bug or intended behavior. As I have said, I don’t use Game Mode because I do not like it. However, I believe it would be helpful if you would create a separate topic to discuss this.

You allowed this during installation. There was an option to opt-in to the cloud scanning. That said, I believe it can also be disabled by going to the File Ratings section of the advanced settings.

This doesn’t sound right. If it’s true it is likely a bug. Can you please create a new topic to discuss this?

If you are asking for an improved filter I agree with you. This would be very much appreciated.

I’m not sure what you’re refering to here. Can you please post a screenshot illustrating this behavior?

This sounds like a bug. Please make a bug report for this in this section of the forum. Be sure to follow the format provided in this post.

I don’t think it should take that long. Can you please specify under what conditions it takes that long to open?

Hopefully the upcoming summary page will help with this as well.

Please start a new topic to discuss this. I’m not sure what is going on, but it may take a few posts to get to the bottom of it. Thus, it’s best to start a new topic.

I’m sorry. I don’t know too much about making new rules for the Firewall component. Please create a new topic for this in this section of the forum and I’m sure someone will be able to help.

if i understand what your asking here you have to set the alert frequency to “very high” if you want it to be per ip or setting it to “high” per port alert

but yes you need to restart the program or app for the rules if you manualy change them afterwards