Some applications do not start in CIS 3.8

Hello. In the feedback was induced here.

When started an application process without permission ends and is it cannot start.
Load the application immediately after start generate driver named “GPP.dll”, but seems not permitted the behavior.
To disable D+ could not start.
However, able to start in CIS 3.5 in safe mode without problems.

Application name is Paperman.
Online games cannot connect from Japan only, but to determine the process of problem connection need not wants to confirm.

Paperman’s home page
Download the Paperman

Sorry in poor English.

Windows XPSP3 32-bit
CIS 3.8.64263.468 Firewall and D+ enabled, antivirus is disabled.

Because CIS 3.8.64739.471 had been released, it tested again.
The result is the same ahead.

Even if a safe mode and the training mode are chosen, it doesn’t start when the service of CIS 3.8 is operating.
Because it is possible to start without trouble when CIS 3.8 is uninstalled, it is correct that CIS 3.8 is causal.

It returns it to CIS 3.5 because there is no other way.
It is likely to have to think about the shift to other software if not repaired even if CIS will become 4.0 in the future.


Can you please try to explain the bug step by step?



Defense+ is enabled, Paperman does not start.
Paperman it is online games, verify patch update client, and then start the game client.
But not the update client process generates defense+ is valid.

“update.exe” settings “run an executable” to “all application” all other settings to “allow” by a seen, but did not generated.
Also,“Defense+ Security level” to “disabled”, Paperman process is not generated.
Started but did not start “Defense Security level” is “disabled” even after enabling “deactivate the Defense+ Parmanently”.

Don’t know how sometimes very rare to start, why rarely can start.

Because CIS 3.8.65951.477 had been released, it tested again.
The result is the same ahead.
No issues such as in the CIS 3.5.57173.439 above.

Unable to connect and Paperman is no of Japan, up to install and update client start anywhere can, so that even tested wants.

Sorry in poor English.

I installed a CIS 3.9.73525.491, but not the Paperman.

Nothing, and to start by double-clicking the Paperman icon at the moment cursor “working” of turn.
It seems that this game and integrated anti cheat tool(e.g. Punk Buster) but Defense+ and conflicting.
I think that will improve tool-this tool, we know that ago collide with Kaspersky Lab in professional active defense also, because of Defense+ to work around only not.

To start you install the impossible is don’t from Japan playing a game that can be anywhere, that test i want to.
The game program download links here.

Sorry in poor English.

I am not using Punkbuster so I start from common sense.

Try the tips mentioned in this topic: . Making all executable and bat files My Own Safe Files may help.

When nothing works the only way to go may be disabling D+ when Punkbuster is running:;msg256381#msg256381 .