some applications are not monitored , why ?


My pc and os is fresh and running very fast . I installed today Comodo firewall
also if I had a Sunbelt Kerio license. I want to test it .
I like it , also if I don’t understand how it monitor application.

I have nod32 , thunderbird email installed .
Comodo is running on custom mode , Application monitor is On , and
Component monitor is on learning mode.

When I opened Internet explorer I received a window warning
aksing me to allow or disallow IE . I allowed it.

When I checked email with Thunderbird Comodo asked/prompted me absolutely
NOTHING . Then when I updated NOD32 Comodo asked/prompted me absolutely

And on the Application/Component window I cannot see
Thunderbird or Nod32 while I can see only IE .

Why Comodo didn’t advice me about thunderbird and nod32
connecting to internet and didn’t place them on
Application/Component list ?

Thank you

another question…

when i execute IE6 on Connection detail I read this
Security risk : Unknown

when i execute thunderbird on Connection detail I read this
Security risk : Safe

Why IE6 is Unknown and thunderbird is a safe ?

Hi and welcome. :slight_smile: While there seems to be a bit of confusion here, I will answer best I can. First you say Thunderbird doesn’t alert CPF, then you say Thunderbird is safe when you execute it? So we have a slight contradiction here, no offense. IE being unknown means another application is using it to access the internet and is using IE as parent. NOD 32, if you were to uninstall it, then reinstall it , it may be detected unless it’s not accessing the internet yet. Maybe for an update it may kick off CPF on an alert. Any anti-virus I had never kicked off my firewall alert unless for an update.
I hope this helps some, but could you please touch base on if Thunderbird is or isn’t getting a pop up?



I explain better

NOD32 , no poup when it connects to internet , only on Activity window
Thunderbird , no poup when it connects to internet , only on Activity window

Is it normal ?

If I have to deinstall NOD32 , it’s means that the problem are started , well it’s time to turn back to Kerio !!!

No no no, I don’t mean to uninstall Nod32 completely. :wink: I mean, and for whatever reason, with many firewalls, it depends on what ORDER you install SOME security softwares in order to be detected by a firewall. I used Kerio and ZA for years and have had to do that many times. Actually CPF is the only one I haven’t had to do that with. I now know what you are saying, but NOD and Thunderbird may be on CPF “safelist” or\and you don’t have your alert settings high enough to bother you with trusted apps.
Do you see what I mean? If not, post back. :slight_smile: :wink:



thank you , perhaps I have understood … but I have still some doubts

Where is the CPF “safelist” ?
is it the Application Control rules windows …?

Or thunderbird is on the CPF “safelist” because on Activity / Connection it’s recognized
such as “SAFE” ’

Is there any possibility to see/edit the CPF “safelist” ?

Thank you

I am not sure, that would be for an Administrator or a different Moderator to answer.


Unless you mean creating, allowing and banning trusted applications, there is a spot for that.


You need to disable : Security->Advanced->Miscellaneous->Do not show alerts for the application certified by COMODO option if you want to see alerts for known applications.


I also have NOD and it promted me when it wanted to update, not for anything else.

I use nod32 and it always promts me the first time it tries to update after installing.

Comodo is the very last thing I install always.

I instead confirm that Comodo has never , never never prompted me about a nod32 update.

I just installed Spyware Terminator and enabled automatic updates. When it updated itself, CPF said NOTHING. Application Control is ON and Spyware Terminator is not on the list! Why no pop-up?

no surprice for me … I already told this thing a lot of time , but no interest from developers.

I’m returned to Kerio 4 pro. i will wait some month before trying again Comodo. (:WAV)


a very knowledgeable member has tried to help you. Did you try the suggestion above? I can tell you unequivocally that Comodo does warn on NOD32 - if you have the firewall’s parameters set up correctly.


Would it be possible when “Do not show alerts for the application certified by Comodo” option is on, that if CPF allows an application, that a rule is created for it in the application monitor so people would know that a program was allowed and have a flag next to it showing it was marked as a safe application.

I confess I didn’t read - or heed - that suggestion either! Having now disabled the option, I indeed get a pop-up. Thank you! Is there a Comodo safelist?