[SOLVED] Where can I download the free AV application?


I looked around and googled for it, but still can’t find where the free Comodo antivirus application is located.

I found the firewall application, but no trace of the AV application:

Does someone know if Comodo still provides a free AV solution, or if it’s only available as a 30-day trialware?

Thank you.

The AV is included in all the ‘suite’ products and is either part of the default installation or may be added, in the case of the product you linked to, from the start menu. However, you may also download the free AV from Here

Thanks for the tip. I was looking for the free version: Aren’t the Suites just trialware?

The page for the AV is confusing: It says “Limited time only, $4.99” and “Price: 100% Free”:

The $4.99 is for the “Pro” version of CIS. The free download is for CAV.

There are some versions of the CIS suite that have additional paid services, (Like Pro and Complete) but the core suite (called Premium) is free.

The link I posted above is for the free version of CAV.

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Thanks for the info.