[Solved] When I hit back button, dragon goes back 2 or more pages

I have installed and almost every time I try to go back a page it goes back multiple pages. It is frustrating and if I can’t find a solution I am going to have to go with a different browser…which is a shame because I like everything else about dragon!
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Are you using the “Back” button in the Dragon interface or the “Backspace” button on the keyboard? Is it possible that there is a malfunction with your hardware and it sends two requests when you press the button?
Please let us know if you have any other details.


No, using the back button on the Comodo interface.

Well, thanks so much for the help…(/sarc)

Hi toolman0701,
I apologise that no one has got back to you about this issue.
Please remember it is mainly a community based Forum and Staff will only respond when/if time permits.

Does the issue persist with the current version?
Comodo Dragon ver 29.0 is now available for download
If yes, lets see if we can help get to the bottom of it.



I apologize for the late reply.

I would like to know if the issue reproduces with other Chromium based browsers.
Also, is it possible that this behavior is triggered by your mouse driver? Please let us know what mouse model you are using so we can investigate further.
Are you using any software that adds custom macros to the mouse functions?

Thank you.

A little sheepish now…but the last comment about mouse drivers got me thinking. I replaced the mouse and have had no more issues. It was a mouse problem, not a dragon problem. Sorry to bother you folk.

Hi toolman0701,
No sorry required from you. :slight_smile:
That is good to hear that you found the cause. :-TU
Thanks for letting us know, I have marked this solved.