[Solved] uTorrent & intrusion block spam


I took a while to go through the uTorrent FAQ and some other topics on this I found by searching, but I didn’t find any clear answer to my problem.

As the topic states, whenever I start downloading something with uTorrent I get tremendous intrusion block spam in Comodo. The log lists uTorrent as the application and blocked actions are all TCP/UDP from various sources to a huge varying range of source and destination ports. After closing uTorrent the spam continues under the “Windows Operating System” application, but from what I gathered that’s normal.

Now, what I’d like to know is if the uTorrent intrusion spam is perfectly normal and okay? Or should I only get the WOS spam after closing uTorrent? (or neither? yikes) In essence though, everything still works just fine - the speed is as it should be, I get the green light, etc.

The technical jargon:

I have the latest Comodo (3.8) with Defense+ disabled and without the antivirus system. I’m running Windows XP with SP2.

I’ve set uTorrent as a trusted application (yes, and that’s how it will stay), I haven’t touched the default global rules (shouldn’t trusted status override them anyway?) and I’m using Custom Policy Mode with low alert frequency & all the checkable alert boxes unchecked to keep the firewall silent.

Solved. I switched to the per-case basis setting in Stealth Port Wizard, and I had had all the ports hidden before that. There’s no more spam now!