[solved] Uninstaller not working properlly

Hello, Im experiencing some problems with CIS.

After the interface stop working I uninstalled CIS and tried to install the last version but the installed tells me :
“comodo upgrade → to proceed with installation you must uninstall old comodo firewall/internet security. As it cannot be done by COODO Internet Security, please uninstall this old software manually and restart COMODO internet security”

Thing is I have already done that. Found a phantom COMODO driver in my local connection and I uninstalled manually thinking “HEY I got you now”… no I didnt.

Before opening yet another topic with this subject I did lurked the forum and found this post :

But apparently I have no access to the tool.

I know Im not a paying customer but please help me.

Thank you.

Tried to remove this post but I couldnt.

My apologies.

Did you fix your issue?

Yes thank you for taking the time to response.

Right after posting my question I was redirected to the “help - CIS” forum where I saw the large list of pinned topics on the issue (I was using the search function that why I didnt saw them before) unfortunately I couldnt remove my original post.

Thank you again.