[SOLVED] Unable to update BIOS due to false positive

Dell Support Center advised me of a BIOS update for my Inspiron laptop.
I went to Dell’s support site to download it but at 99% downloaded, when being written to disk, CIS pops up a malware alert saying it has blocked the download. It actually indicates that it was not able to remove it however, it can be found in quarantine. If I try to restore it the application is nowhere to be found.

Here’s a screenshot.

Is there any way I can get around this please?

Share with us the link where you download this files.

Hello 7Leagues,

Thank you for your submission. We’ll check this and get back to you soon.

Kind Regards,
Erik M.

I regret that is impossible because the link is protected by javascript.
Perhaps if I give you the link to the page, you can then test it yourself by clicking on the button “Télécharger” which is French for Download.

Hi 7Leagues,

This is to inform you that reported false-positive has been fixed.
You can update to AV database Version <7027> of Comodo Internet Security
Version<5.0.163652.1142> and confirm it.


Kind Regards,
Erik M.
Comodo AntiVirus Lab

Hi Erik. I just updated to v7029 and then downloaded the BIOS update without problem. Thanks so much for getting that solved for me! :slight_smile: