[Solved] Thunderbird can't access SMTP servers


A few weeks ago, I had to uninstall and reinstall Comodo Firewall. I didn’t have time to configure the whole thing properly, so I’m just using “Comodo - Proactive Security”, Safe Mode, and then pretty much everything by default.

I need a little help configuring it 1) so Thunderbird can access the SMTP servers for my Gmail and Yahoo accounts 2) so I don’t get alerts when I check for new messages. I defined Tbird as an email client under ‘Application rules’ and left everything else by default. Ports 465 and 587 already seem to be allowed, so I don’t get why it doesn’t work…

Can someone help? Thanks! :slight_smile:

Just use the outgoing only ruleset. You will get firewall alerts for other outbound connection requests that are not covered by the email client ruleset such as tcp port 80 and 443.

Is this correct?


It still doesn’t work… It tries for about a minute, then says the connection has expired.

Does it work when you disable the firewall? You really don’t need to create any rules for Thunderbird as it is a trusted application that will by default be allowed to make any outbound connection request. I think you didn’t setup Thunderbird or your email account to work with Thunderbird as I am able to receive email with Thunderbird without needing any rules for CIS.

Solved: it was due to the proxy settings of Thunderbird! I still had an automatic configuration address from a network I last visited something like three years ago selected. It didn’t use to be a problem before I updated Comodo - or, in March, maybe I should say, cos maybe there’s no relation -, and after updating / in May, I couldn’t send messages anymore… Odd! Anyway, I found the solution here. :slight_smile:

Thanks for your help futuretech! :-TU