[Solved] Symantec first versions of on demand scanning tool were scareware

Just to post, again, the stupid tactic of Symantec to sell their products releasing their on demand scanning (Norton Security Scan) as a scareware. Any other antivirus running in the computer is marked as a security threat!
They could, at least, say your computer is running ok.
The button goes to a sell page of Symantec.


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Scaring people is not the way to go. Unfortunately is effective… :-X

@ Tech

Excuse You, could You tell me what kind of antivirus Norton Security Scan marked as a security threat because this pictures are in language that I do not understand ?

It install quietly “only” when you accept while install adobe product. (eg. Shockwave, Flash Etc.)

I can’t install in English as it detected my language and install it.
The threat is something like this:
“Your computer is vulnerable”
It was not detected any security program.

Other good products will say my computer is clean and nothing is a threat.
But Symantec is scareware!

Thanks for the information Tech.

Shame on Symantec, Scaring the end user just for money.

Hello Tech, my old friend. Thanks for the info; this is typical Norton marketing strategy we have unfortunately seen before, and one more reason not to use Norton’s products. May be a good example of corporate America gone bad.

Michael Moore had a point in Bowling for Columbine when bringing to light the hypothesis about the USA being a culture of fear: Beyond a Culture of Fear .

Rectifying the information.
The latest version of Norton Security Scan is NOT a scareware.
It just detect three false positives, but this is not being scareware.
I’ll change the thread title.

By the way, two of the false positives are from Comodo Cleaning Essentials.

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Thanks for fixing, Tech. :-TU Still, Norton is not something I would use.

Not all Americans r like that just like all E.U. people r not left wing nutjobs :P0l :P0l

I should have formulated that a bit different.

yea would hav been better, but its alright mate (:WIN) (:WIN) (:WIN)