(solved)Secure Shopping "remote connection detected" +issues with firefox addons

Hello there… i’m here again sorry but i got these troubles… please help…

this is the message that appears ANYTIME when i try to load the secure shopping environment


what can i do?

i just already fixed the troubles with firefox inside comodo virtual desktop just cleaning the sandbox cache… now it’s ok but sometimes still give me troubles to load it freeze at loading image and nothing happen… ONLY CLEANING THE SANDBOX again solve it but all the browsing history saved by Firefox automatically is deleted, all the navigation tabs disappear this is VERY VERY DISAPPOINTING stuff… because i use to browse shopping websites as ebay and i neet to search again! WHAT CAN I DO?

again about SECURE SHOPPING… Firefox setups loaded inside are not the exactly of the version in VISTA (my OS) is loaded without add ons only some are installed by me the others NO WAY to install i can’t so this is the result:


intead of this


this is very important for safety… and i don’t wanna be tracked… i didn’t already used SS for ecommerce because of this troubles HOW TO FIX IT?

khanks kind regards!

For remote connection warning you can check the following registry key for the cause of the alert.
64-bit OS: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\ComodoGroup\CSS\remote
32-bit OS: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\ComodoGroup\CSS\remote

As for the other issue I believe SS loads the default firefox profile instead of user specific profile. Not sure.

thanks for the reply…
well this is the report what can i do?

btw is it safe to browse and shop without any add on? yes it loads only with default…

You can either disable keyscrammbler when you enter secure shopping or leave it enabled and deal with the alert by clicking continue. The way remote detection works is that it looks for modification of mouse/keyboard input which would happen when a remoting application e.g. teamviewer or a R.A.T is active during secure shopping.

I think the reason SS uses a default profile without loading add-ons or extensions, is to protect you from malicious add-ons/extensions that might be installed which could read, modify, and transmit website data. e.g. one that would change the account number when doing money transfer from your banking website, or when it records all info you put into when doing an online purchase. So yes it should be safer to browse without any add-ons in secure shopping.

thank u very much :-TU

so why the virtual desktop load everything? what is the use for?

Virtual Desktop is for protecting your system from sites you visit. e.g. say you visit a site that performs a drive-by download, or an exploit kit landing page that exploits a vulnerability in the browser or add-on that you are using to visit the site with. In either case whatever happens in VD, it stays in containment because VD is a sandbox that prevents infection to the system. You would then use the reset sandbox task to clean the sandbox contents as it will terminate sandboxed processes and delete the virtualized file system and windows registry.