[Solved] Rating Scan doesn't recognize some Comodo files [v6]

When I do a Rating Scan, the following files are listed as Unknown even though they’re a part of CIS:

Mod Edit: Added solved to title, Captainsticks.

They are not listed as unknown on my computer. I am using Windows 7 x64.

If they are flagged as unknown by the rating scan on anyone else’s computer please reply to this post and let us know what kind of OS you are using.

Win 7 Ultimate x64 here.

Hi Jaspion,
If you do not have many custom entries in the trusted files list, clear the trusted files list and re-run the rating scan to see if they return as unknown.

Done it. Problem persists, and worse: now more files, including more CIS files, Window files, files from surely trusted and known programs such as WinPatrol and Secunia PSI, are rated as unknown. It was a total of 170 files.

I did the scan yet another time a few minutes later and now it’s 163 unknown.

I would very much appreciate it if you would make a bug report in standard format (please see stickies) as this seems to be a significant issue.

Best wishes and many thanks in anticipation


Have you disabled Trust applications signed by trusted vendors or any other settings in the File rating settings or manually altered the Trusted vendors list?

Yes, I had disabled it. The first Rating Scan I did was probably before I disabled that setting. Then subsequently the Rating Scan, after disabling Trust applications signed by trusted vendors, showed some Comodo files as unknown, maybe new or changed files (probably the CCE files were new because they were installed later). Now I’ve re-enabled that setting and the Rating Scan shows only 5 files as unknown, none of them from Comodo.

I guess it’s problem solved. I should have thought of that before. Thanks a lot for the help!

And may you and all Comodo staff and Forum members have a great 2013!

You are welcome, that is good to hear.
I had some personal concerns momentarily when my suggestion created what appeared to be a bigger issue. :wink:

And may you and all Comodo staff and Forum members have a great 2013!
Same to you all the best Jaspion.

I will mark this solved, if the problem returns let us know thanks.
Kind regards.