[Solved] QGIS does not start unless sandboxed

Still new to Comodo. I installed it after QGIS (open source GIS app), so I know the QGIS worked. I can’t get QGIS to start now, unless it’s started in the sandbox. I tried adding the main .exe, qgis.exe, to trusted applications, but that didn’t help. Not sure where to go next with this.
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Did you install it inside the sandbox?

No, QGIS was installed and working before Comodo was on my computer.

I figured it out. It was listed in the untrusted box. I moved it over to the trusted list and rebooted (twice, didn’t seem to catch on at the 1st reboot.).

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Hi and welcome iowared,
I added solved to the title, thanks for letting us know. :slight_smile: