[solved] python subprocess is blocked everytime by HIS

Running version

Everytime my python program use multiprocessing library to spawn a new process, the process will be blocked by HIS (a C_python.exe_B636F33F6ED8D938EFA4CDD40B7B3EA55E67FE83.cmd is created in ProgramData\Comodo\Cis\tempscrpt every time with a different suffix). It happens even when both the python.exe and the .py file are treated as system application.

After disabling HIS, I still have a prompt for firewall (as the new process does access internet) which stops automated process. Since the C_python.exe_B636F33F6ED8D938EFA4CDD40B7B3EA55E67FE83.cmd file suffix is different everytime, the only way to have them whitelisted without disabling firewall is to whitelist the whole Comodo\Cis directory, which basically makes that directory useless.

This thread https://forums.comodo.com/defense-sandbox-help-cis/auto-sandbox-bat-file-of-cis-t117990.15.html suggests disabling “Enable Embedded Code Detetion” as well but I do not even have this option.

I need a way to whitelist my program so that when it spawn subprocess (or basically doing anything in it), all sub processes will be trusted and no tempscript will be created. Otherwise Comodo is un-usable to me and I have to look for an alternative.

You can turn off Heuristic Command Line Analysis for Python under Advanced Protection > Miscellaneous Settings

How is it being blocked? Is is being contained/sandboxed? If its another HIPS alert check the full path in the alert to see if it is a different file. It might be the embedded code detection feature going into effect, you can disable it for python and pythonw by going to settings > advanced protection > miscellaneous > click certain applications link > scroll down to python.exe and use switch under embedded code detection column.

Great it changes the name 88)
Allow python does do the trick for me.

Yes it does the trick. I guess I miss the name. And I am frustrated when python is blocked by default after updating so all hell break loose for me.