[SOLVED] problem with firefox and Comodo Firewall

Hello everyone.
I have a problem since I installed Comodo Firewall 5.4.18 …
Firefox (4.0.1) doesn’t display correctly some pages like : yahoo mail, hotmail, deezer http://fr.vente-privee.com/vp4/Login/Portal.ashx etc. …

Flash is not blocked because youtube is working. So is java. I send you a picture for you to give an idea about what I see.

Any idea how to fix this?

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CIS has no effect on page content and the site loads fine for me (image) Which extensions do you have installed for firefox. I also noticed you have Anvir installed, does that have some sort of web content filter?

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This is most likely a browser related issue.

Did you disable javascript or CSS in Firefox?

Thank you for your answers,
Antivir is only a local protection.
Javascript is enabled.

I only have the java console 6.0.25 and microsoft .net framework Assistant extentions.

I really don’t understand what happens

To stick with browser troubleshooting basics. Delete the FF cache and restart it.

I feel stupid. It worked. Thank you a lot !

You’re welcome.