[SOLVED] PPTP VPN Not Working W/FW Enabled (Training Mode)

Everything is fresh in training mode.

No application rules & no global rules.

The PPTP VPN is connecting, but failing to load websites, with some weird blockage on “Windows Operating System (PID 0)”, even after I made a global rule for that proc to allow all.

This is frustrating, and I loved Comodo FW for a long time but it has come time to use a VPN, and I will have to use Windows firewall if this can’t be solved.

The VPN works fine when the firewall is disabled.

ALSO, Defense+ is completely disabled, FileRating/Cloudwatch disabled, and all FW zones disabled & no website filtering enabled.

Here are the pics:

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Disable block fragmented IP traffic under firewall settings.

Hey , thanks futuretech, this worked you are a genius. The love for comodo still stands. Sorry I didn’t respond sooner, I finally upgraded from PPTPD to Strongswan on my Linux instance, and now I have IPsec on all devices (android too).

In windows 8.1, I have successfully blocked EVERYTHING except the VPN, with Comodo. Screenshots of the settings are below (This could be integrated into a “VPN only” mode for Comodo FW some day).

Also, since MS took out the VPN redial function, I’d like to recommend the opensource program,
AutoVPNConnect to use with Comodo, which will reconnect the VPN automatically when it goes down.

Here’s my Comodo firewall config (without blocking fragmented IP packets in the main settings panel of course). These settings block all traffic on Windows 8 except the VPN (on an Amazon AWS Linux instance):

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