[SOLVED] No icon tray

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I can’t reply to my previous post.

Again , anyone knows how to configure without icon tray?
Service is running , I can’t stop it.

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Well it is a very long time ago I used version 2 of the firewall and that you see no icon tray is very strange indeed… I think it is hardly impossible to configure anything of the firewall without an user interface… hmmm… :THNK

First you need to give more information, like what OS you are using, do you use an administrator account?, what other software do you use? Is this the first time this is happening?

To get the gui back, you need to close the firewall completely by ending its process using the task manager… , then try to open the firewall again… Maybe a system restart is better alternative if this is a small problem…

A small question: Do you know there is also a version 3 of the firewall? Why can’t you use that version ???

Have a nice day! Tell me if anything worked out well for you, if not we can look further…


I know there is a version 3 , but I’m with windows 2000 and XP version doesn’t work.

I stopped the cpf.exe /background with starter under admin account
I’ can’t stop the service which is always running (cmdagent.exe) , even under admin account.

I could probably change registry to prevent launch , but I’m not sure it’s a good solution.

There are a lot of topics about this inside the forum.

it seems it happens very often , but I don’t like something which is running behind my back without control.

I see, I understand your position. As you mentioned, to work around the problem, you can try to prevent the firewall from launching by using the registry… This is a possibility if you are known with the registry and know what to change and what NOT to change…

You can also let a program do the registry changes for you, a simple but effective program is windows defender, there you can view a list of programs that start with your operating system, and you can disable the programs you do not want to start with your operating system…

Let me know if this worked out well for you,


Windows defender doesn’t work for W2000.
I did it with starter:
I stopped the service and I stopped CPF.exe under F8 mode.
I tried again to double click on the desktop icon , but nothing happened.
I did it again in normal admin mode after reboot , without result.

Well maybe, you need to do a re-install of the firewall, because it is possible that the program has been damaged due too incompatibility or some other cause…

Before you un-install, you need to find a program who can uninstall the firewall for you completely, this means all the registry keys, the files, the program drivers etctera… I personally use Revo Uninstaller, but I do not know if that is working under windows 2000…

let me know if things worked out for you…

Now it works.

What I did:
Under F8 mode and admin session , I stopped cpf.exe in task manager
With starter software , I stopped cpf.exe /background in the list “to laucnh at start”
I stopped the cmdagent.exe service.
I did a reboot and log as admin
I launched the update program:cpfupdat.exe
After update , I restart service , allow in starter to launch cpf.exe and reboot.
And it works now.
The file in download section of comodo is:CFP_Setup_English_French_2.4.16.174.exe

After update it’s :
version database 3.0

Thank you for help.

Yes I understand your method, you manged to kill the whole program and managed to update the program with admin rights and then you restarted all and let it have the privileges it used to had…hmmm… :THNK… It seems the program got stuck somewhere in the background…

Anyway, I am pleased to read you managed to fix your problem, I do not deserve any credit, you solved the problem by yourself, using your own creativity… very good!

Have a nice day!