[solved] netsetup.exe & spupdsvc.exe


I have received alerts about these files being suspicious, (%WINDIR%/system32):

  1. netsetup.exe, 325KB, 332.800bytes, Microsoft
  2. spupdsvs.exe, 25,5KB, 26.144bytes, Microsoft.
    Both checked at VirusTotal and nothing was founded (0/37).

I did try to copy/send these files to Comodo, but I cannot access them, even if they are " av excluded" + “at Own Safe Files” + rules created as “Win Sys App” at D+ for both. (Next, I’ll try booting in Safe Mode (I hate SM slow boot!!!) - but I think it’s not necessary to send them)

DB: 1722 (more details at my sig).


I have noticed for netsetup that alert pop’s-up when Thunderbird is fired. For spupdsvs I didn’t noticed any pop-up alert (maybe just didn’t saw/pay attention).

My system is working very well, and should be clean (lost some time scanning with SAS, MBAM, A-Squared…and both on-line Bit-Defender + ESET, besides of course my CIS :-TU).


Hi AeoniAn ,

The FP reporting is being verified.

-Chandra Mohan

Quickly response!
3AM here, don’t you sleep? :smiley:

Well, I’m very happy to colaborate.
Feel free to ask for details.

THANK YOU ! :comodorocks:

Hi AeoniAn,

The reported FP has been fixed in DB 1724.

-Chandra Mohan